Image of publicationBales, G. and Kong Z. “Neurophysiological and Behavioral Correlates of Human-Multiagent Task Performance” (accepted). IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 2020.

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Image of publicationChen, G., Lin, X. and Kong, Z. "Data-Driven Real-Timed-Failure-Propagation-Graph Refinement for Complex System Fault Diagnosis" (accepted) IEEE Control Systems Letters, 2020.

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Kamath, A.G., Assadian, F.F., Robinson, S.K. “Multivariable Robust Control for the Powered-Descent of a Multibody Lunar Landing System” (accepted) AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, 2020.



image of publicationKintz, J.R. and Clark, T.K. “Unobtrusive Measurement and Autonomous Estimation of Human Internal Cognitive States” NASA Human Research Program Investigator’s Workshop, Galveston, TX, 27-30 Jan, 2020. (Won 1 st place in the student poster competition)

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image of publicationClark, T.K., Anderson, A.P., Nabity, J.A., Braun, R., Banerjee, N.T., Eshima, S.P., Kintz, J.R., Rollock, A.E., Zaccarine, S., Pischulti, P.K., and Klaus, D.M. “Smart Technology Infusion for Deep Space Exploration Habitats” (abstract and presentation) 8th AIAA-RM Annual Technical Symposium, Boulder, CO, 19 Nov, 2019.